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Our Mission

The independent media group, Group Media and Information Technologies, provides online and offline publishing services for brands and corporations as well as private domain publications for consumers.

Our Philosophy

Group Media and Information Technologies, which form teams for every publication; With its successful, pioneering and experienced staff in its fields, it always provides unbiased and professional service.

Our Vision

Group Media and Information Technologies follows the developments in the field of publishing with its innovative and creative staff; Steadily raises the success graph.

Since 2000…

Group Media and Information Technologies, which produces innovative and professional publications for both consumers and corporations, has fulfilled all the responsibilities of being an independent publishing company since 2000.

Basic Approach

To fully understand customer needs and to produce the most effective solution that can be obtained with existing resources, at high speed and quality, at the most reasonable price possible.

Online Publishing

Believing in the power of fast, continuous and effective communication, Group Medya works result-oriented; guarantees its success with consumer and customer satisfaction.


Group Media and Information Technologies has gained the respect and trust of its readers, customers and employees with its total quality management approach and ethical service approach.


Group Media and Information Technologies, which is responsible for its customers as well as its customers and solution partners, aims excellence in all its projects with this sense of responsibility.

Readers and Customer Orientation

Developing publication-specific strategies; it meets all demands by making researches and making predictions in line with the needs and expectations of its customers and readers.

Continuous Improvement

In the publishing sector in Turkey closely follows developments in the world and Group Media and Information Technologies, fed with new approaches; In addition to providing corporate development, it also makes the necessary investments for the development of its employees.