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Group Medya

Independent media company Group Media and Information Technologies offers online and offline publishing services for brands and corporations, as well as private domain publications for consumers.

Information Technologies

Accurate and complete information, expert opinions and research in line with the interactive channels, visual and interactive solutions that provide added value to publications.

Online Publishing

Believing in the power of fast, continuous and effective communication, result oriented… It creates the content of your website, blog posts, e-magazines, tablet magazines and social media contents.

Consumer Magazines

Corporate Magazines

Quality travel magazine lo The most popular airline of its passengers ’Atlasjet's monthly corporate magazine Glober is being prepared by Group Medya as of January 2012.


Believing that everyone has the right to fly and support this belief with the accessible price policy Pegasus, Turkey's most experienced and well-established private airline. The content of Pegasus Magazine is based on 20 years of flight experience that explores what its guests want to read while floating in the sky.

Pegasus Magazin

One of the important publications of contemporary art and design, Global Art & Design opens its doors to another world by revealing the inseparable unity of art and life.


Altınbaş Life, which is published quarterly on behalf of Altınbaş, unveils the latest trends and designs in the jewelry sector. The magazine, where everything about jewelery and life is examined, reveals the story of the transformation of jewelry, which was once considered as a luxury and investment tool, into a daily accessory.


Health-Nutrition-Care Pharmetic Health magazine, PharmetiEntrepreneur Association of Pharmacists is being prepared. pharmacies around the ring through Turkey are transported free of charge. Its content includes many themes under the umbrella of HEALTH.

Pharmetic Sağlık

APlus Life, the magazine of APlus Hospital Hotel Services, which serves under the Acıbadem Group, provides services and services (catering, invitation & catering, hospital dinner), cleaning (office cleaning, building cleaning, school cleaning, hospital cleaning). AVM cleaning, industrial cleaning), cafe services (institutions, private cafes, cafe corner installations) and Turkey's first integrated textile washing factory with offers informative content for readers hospital textile washing area.

APlus Life

TeenMag, published for Bahçeşehir College, draws attention with its rich content ranging from the interests of young people to scientific subjects, corporate news and professions of the future. Students meet at TeenMag with unique topics that can be wounded in any number and can lead their lives.


Group Content Marketing

Believes in the power of creating the right communication language for the right target audience. It carefully listens to your brand, product or service, analyzes its needs, develops appropriate solutions, applies them and evaluates the results.

We Produce Ideas

Reaching the Target Audience

We Add Value